As a successful business owner, getting your PREScore™ will help you evaluate your options for the future.  Perhaps you’ve been considering stepping back and giving others a chance to lead?  Or maybe you’re thinking of bringing on a partner or even selling your business?  Regardless of your vision for the future, we know 75% of owners end up regretting their decision to exit.

​The Value Builder System

Whether you’re ready to sell your company now or in the future, the Value Builder Program is about helping position your business so it’s as attractive as possible to a 3rd party, ensuring you don’t leave money on the table when you look to sell.  The Value Builder Program will guide you through a proven process, module by module, with tools, exercises & actions.  You can follow the program at your own pace, online, or work with our Certified Value Builder, to maximise your company’s value.

Step by Step Online Programme

The Value Builder Program steps you through 12 different modules of the Value Builder system.  This online program gives you the choice to go at your own pace or to be led by a Certified Value Builder Coach to identify the areas of maximum value and to help hold you accountable.

3-Step System To Help You Grow A Valuable Business

Sell your business from a position of strength, not weakness.  Understand and improve the value of your company so that when the time comes to sell, you have a valuable asset that will command a premium.

The Value Builder Score

13-Minute survey which will provide an initial report on the current state of your business

Discovery Session & Value Builder Assessment

Strategy session to review the results of your Value Builder Score and how to improve your business

The Value Builder Engagement

Monthly advisement on improvements to increase your company value and better position for a premium offer when you are ready to sell

Value Builders Play The Long Game

Value Builders are on a long-term mission to maximise their value.  Their goal is not necessarily to sell but rather to know that they could.  Value Builders look for advisors who share their time horizon.  What type of business owner are you?

What You'll Get Out Of The Value Builder Program

Buyers Perspective

Better to find out now what a buyer will look at, than when you're in front of potential buyer and they're offering you less than you want.

360 Degree Perspective

As well as a buyers perspective we get your customers opinion, a Net Promoter Score, essential to demonstrating the value of your customer base.

Growth Opportunities

The Value Builder program identifies the products & areas where you can achieve the highest growth for the lowest risk. This is great for now as you can increase profit and it's also important when you come to sell to show the opportunities.

Recurring Revenue

All business can and must have a recurring revenue stream to maximise their value. Through the Value Builder Program we look at 9 different ways of creating a recurring revenue, boosting your profitability & value.

Independent Business

It's vital when preparing a business for sale that the owner isn't critical to the business, otherwise you'll get a lower valuation. The Value Builder program helps identify areas where this could be the case.

Perspective Buyers

Who would you sell to? Towards the end of the program we help you identify potential buyers, using a proven process. This is important so that you can start / build on relationships with these parties, ready for a potential future sale.

Boost the Value of Your Business

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